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We are an unpretentious mobile studio based in sunny Barcelona and hipster Berlin. Our passion is to solve problems through design and technology. We are great developers and teachers. We work in a lean and agile way and treat you as a partner, not a client. We believe in long lasting relationships.

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“Brains & Beards helped me by solving many technical impediments across various agile development teams through implementing the needed changes to the backend of those connected applications. The result was that we were able to release the product in time and scope. I would recommend Brains & Beards to people who need the profound support of experienced developers to solve technically challenging projects.”

- Sebastian Gerdemann, Senior Product Manager, XING E-Recruiting GmbH & Co. KG

“We were very happy with our decision to work with Brains & Beards and the personal approach given by Patryk and his team. We plan to continue using Brains & Beards services for specific missions where their experience will be valuable to our team and our projects. Needless to say that we would warmly recommend their services to any business looking to embark on the joys of mobile development, but also to those seeking to improve an existing product.”

- Frederic Galligani, Director, Visca Web (Marcadores.com and Futebol.com)

“I've approached Brains & Beards, because we needed a new mobile application for the Spanish market. The result was a product which is not only easy to maintain, robust, but as well,great-looking and simple to understand for the Rakuten users. Their years-long expertise helped us to get rid of many problems before they even appeared.”

- Sergio Gago, Technical Director, Rakuten SL



We've worked with some pretty great people at some pretty awesome companies. We also try to make time to work on some open source projects.

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We are a busy bunch. We regularly speak, mentor, and write.
Mostly about how to develop better applications faster.
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What makes React Native difficult to learn

You might’ve already read that I’ve recently taught a university course of React Native. There was a big contraint: my part of the course was really short —I had only two days.

When I started preparing a curriculum for the course my main question was: how can I teach them how to create an application in two days?…


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