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Native development is the gold standard of quality for mobile applications. And we are all about quality.

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  • Focus on mobile

    When you have simple car trouble, like changing a light bulb or oil, you might be happy going to any car mechanic. However, for anything more sophisticated than that, you'll need a specialist for your type or brand of the car. It's similar with software.

    Our advantage is that we're all specialists that have been focused on creating great mobile apps for years. It gives our experience the depth that "full-stack developers" usually lack.

  • Experience

    One of the benefits of running a small company is the freedom to work only with the best people. Choosing not to grow like crazy lets us keep the hiring bar high.

    On average, we have more than eight years of experience in our team. That's something unheard of in all bigger agencies, which have to hire a lot of fresh graduates to keep up with their growth.

  • Reliability

    We have delivered multiple projects before and with every single one of them we tune our processes and work even better together.

    Hiring our team you not only get our singular skills and experience, but also a shared history of successfully delivering projects and all the knowledge, workflows and processes that came out of that.

Should my mobile app go native?

Nowadays, there's plenty of cross-platform solutions that promise you can write an application with no effort, in barely no time, and basically for free. Of course, such promises are never true. Building a quality application that is a joy to use takes time, thought, experience and A LOT of effort, no matter the technology used. The old adage: you get what you pay for, is still true.

So, with all those different options available - should I still build my app as a native one? There's a simple answer: it depends. If your app fits one of the below criteria, then probably going native is the right choice:

  • UX is the single most important factor. Applications written using native technologies are still the gold-standard of quality in mobile apps. No other technology will give you the amount of control and possibilites that native code will.
  • Application performance on low-end devices is critical. With native code it's easier to eliminate any unnecessary overhead, keep application size small and maintain low-level control of its behaviour.
  • Application performs multiple background tasks. Those need to be run as native code anyway, so if they form a big part of your application it might make sense to build the whole project this way.
  • Using newest available features on the platform. It usually takes time to see those available (reliably) in cross-platform solutions.

If not, it might be a better choice to go with React Native instead.

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Programming is often an art of balancing the tradeoffs and all solutions have their own advantages. That's why it's best to be guided by an expert.

How about an example?

You can check a detailed case study of a native mobile project that we delivered in a small team for a huge Japanese client.

Timely delivery of a premium shopping app for a market leading enterprise

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