Bring your team to the next level

We're happy to work hand-in-hand with your existing team to give them the support they need to deliver great apps.

Why you might want to
augment your staff?

  • Getting work done faster

    When the plans that you have for your applications are growing faster than your current team can deliver, one of the obvious solutions is to get a bigger team. Unfortunately, hiring new developers is neither an easy, nor a quick process.

  • Learning new skills

    Working alongside your team we make sure to share the best processes and tricks in our workflow, so that after the whole experience your team leaves with valuable experience.

  • Quickly scaling your team

    Sometimes you just need a short push to help out with some particular features. In such case it doesn't make much sense to go through the costly hiring process and it's easier to bring on a team of experienced contractors instead.

How we work

We’re no strangers to clients coming to us with “legacy” projects. Ranging from rescue missions where we're brought in to help untangle the mess that the project has grown into, to helping successful teams deliver even faster, where we hit the ground running and fit into the already established processes.

Every project is a unique snowflake and we treat is as such. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with yours.

We'd be happy to help and steer you towards the best solution

How about an example?

If you want to learn more about how we work and what we can achieve, check a detailed case study of a native mobile project that we delivered in a small team for a huge Japanese client.

We joined the Lokalportal mobile team and helped them reshape local journalism in Germany

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