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We have already delivered successful React Native applications for our clients back in 2016. You can't beat experience.

What does cross-platform mean?

This term is used a lot, so let's define what we're talking about. When we say cross-platform we talk about solutions that offer:

Native quality

Modern cross-platform solutions offer quality and polish that are indistinguishable from their native counterparts. We're not talking about "mobile web apps", "progressive websites", or "hybrid applications". Those are half-solutions of the past.

We talk about modern frameworks like React Native and Flutter that allow an easy way to target multiple platforms while still maintaining the level of control that leads to apps with great user experience.

Mobile focus

We're not looking for the Holy Grail that will have you covered all across the web, mobile and virtual reality headsets.

By cross-platform we mean a mobile-focused solution that will let you easily target the two most popular mobile platforms: iOS and Android.

Pros of modern cross platform solutions

  • Faster development

    The development experience when working with Flutter, or React Native is significantly better than using native tooling. From much faster compilation times and hot-reloading, to reactive approach to creating UI, both of those frameworks let us create beautiful applications faster than natively.

  • Code reuse

    Cross-platform frameworks let us reuse more and more code between iOS and Android. Currently, for React Native applications it's common to see 90% of the code shared between the two platforms.

  • Single team

    Using a cross-platform framework lets us form a single team that works on both applications. This has numerous benefits: from consistency of the features available and user experience between the platforms, to solving each problem only once, not twice.

  • Accessible codebase

    According to recent surveys, 70% of developers nowadays are comfortable with JavaScript and React is the third most popular programming library.

    Of course, those two things are not enough to create a good mobile app, but they definitely let you contribute to one. Using React Native lets more developers in your organisation be included in the development process.

If you read between the lines, it basically boils down to one thing - lower costs.

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