Maintainable React Native

July 11, 2023

We've just launched a course called Maintainable React Native. It differs from other materials that you can find online because it doesn't just teach you how to make things work, but rather guides you towards building them correctly. The emphasis is on creating software with the right architecture - simple and modular, ensuring that your app remains easy to manage even years later.

How it works

Every week, we'll send you a lesson. They are grouped by topic, starting with handling remote data before moving into state management, design systems, etc. We aim to cover every step of the process involved in building a successful mobile app. All of it based on our extensive experience working with React Native since 2016.

We've learnt over the years that building things right is important, because it allows you to deal with shifting priorities, new requirements, and surprising features. We all want to stay productive past the greenfield phase instead of getting bogged down with technical debt, long E2E tests on every merge request, or yet another vision-less refactor.

The course is based off software engineering fundamentals, focusing on explaining "why" instead of giving you a recipe that you're expected to copy-paste. This approach will help you decide what to improve in your current (and future) projects.

Where do I sign

The course is 100% free (at the moment) and you can enroll by filling in your data just below this article, or go to the Maintainable React Native dedicated page.

Hope to see you there!

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Blog author: Wojciech Ogrodowczyk

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