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February 19, 2016

As a manager (be it a CEO, VP of Engineering, Scrum Master or a product owner) you’re probably perfectly aware that your biggest asset is your team. It’s not the idea, those you can get by the dozen. It’s not the perfectly crafted wireframes, nor tens of different design screens. It’s the people who are making your vision happen.

We know it as well, so we know that outsourcing product development isn’t always the best solution. Sometimes what you need is to tweak something in your team dynamics and deliver it in-house. That’s what we can help you with.


We can come and join your team for a while, pair-programming with them, learning both about them and the workflow process that you have in place. Once we understand the way that work gets done, we can offer improvements, help with simplifying or automating some of the overhead and help to motivate and push the developers in the right direction.

The long-term investment is obvious: you improve the performance of your most important asset, not just get a short-term help. Also, it’s about helping the developers learn new things and progress, making them happier.


Sometimes what you need is more substantial, a fast improvement in a specific area. For that we can help you with our technical workshops — be it iOS programming, Ruby on Rails or web application security, we’re here to help.

It’ll be a welcome break from the day-to-day routine for the team, at the same time challenging them and teaching new techniques.

Flexible solutions

If you feel like you need something more specific for your particular circumstances, feel free to reach out to us. Let’s talk and find a suitable solution for you.

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