Introducing: No Brainers

April 12, 2017

For a while at Brains & Beards we were thinking what’s the best way to share our experiences. We’ve been doing software development for a while now (more than a decade), worked on a number of projects in various different types of organisations (from solo projects, through smaller and bigger statups up to solid enterprises with hundreds of employees), but we kept seeing the same problems come up again and again.

That’s why we wanted to share our experience and help others (not only our clients!) to benefit from it. Our hope is to contribute a tiny little bit towards getting better software for everybody.

We decided to do it in a video form, as it’s more engaging and easier to express emotions. From our experience, success or failure of a software project is usually not about technology, but about people, their communication and interactions. Emotions, feelings and giving a clear message are key part of it.

However, we understand not everybody likes (or is able) to follow talking heads videos, so we‘ll also provide transcripts on our blog. Enjoy our first episode!

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